" In addition to handling the electric and acoustic guitars, Delgadillo proves to be an adept keyboardist as well, multi-tracking her well recorded acoustic piano parts. From melodic fusion to more atmospheric acoustic guitar/piano pieces, Paradise Swamp displays an abundance of creative modern instrumental music." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine


Welcome to the site of Catherine Delgadillo: singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. My solo projects, such as my first instrumental solo CD, Paradise Swamp, could be described as a blend of fusion with a bit of progressive rock. Many of my projects, however, involve writing and recording commercial and radio-friendly songs for other independent artists and playing as guest guitarist on occasion as well. Recently, however, I discovered a love for playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar and it is my goal of mine for my next solo recordings to be primarily acoustic based with a unique style that incorporates my love for alternative styles of music. Much of my time has been spending focusing on  learning fingerstyle guitar and have had the privilege to attend seminars with some of the greats, such as Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour, at a summit in New York just over a year ago, and attending seminars put on by fellow guitarists such as Maneli Jamal. My original material, a few clips to be available soon, will soon be available both here on my site and a few other places. Feel free to join my mailing list for updates on all the happenings with Catherine Delgadillo! Thanks for visiting and listening!


Catherine Delgadillo

Guitarist, keyboardist and composer: Catherine Delgadillo Bass: Mark Hokenson Drums: Yves Sordage, Editing, production and mix: Ed Goldfarb, Madcap Labs

© 2013 Catherine Delgadillo. All Rights Reserved

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Catherine Delgadillo - Paradise Swamp (2007)

Catherine Delgadillo - Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards

Kevin Delgadillo - Drums
Bill Hare and Mark Hokenson - Bass

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