Catherine was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up in Sunnyvale, California. At the age of 9 playing and writing music on the guitar and piano soon became one of her favorite pastimes. Being self-taught, Catherine has developed a love for playing guitar, in addition to a number of other instruments, writing music. Catherine graduated from San Jose State University with a double major in Sociology and Behavioral science and also has spent much of her time, outside of her music practicing her martial arts and has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

When Catherine was in her 20's, she began performing in clubs throughout the Bay Area as the lead singer/guitarist for a local hard-rock band, Charade. Although she loved playing in a band, Catherine wanted to explore other styles of music and decided to give the hard-rock scene a break. During her hiatus, Catherine went back to school and enrolled in San Jose State University where she double-majored in Sociology and Behavioral Science. Soon after completing her education, Catherine married and now resides in the Santa Cruz area along with her husband and two children.

It wasn't until the fall of 2006 that Catherine was able to dedicate more time to her music and take the idea of recording a solo album more seriously. At first Catherine spent pretty much all her time learning modern day recording techniques but she eventually started laying down her tracks and then almost exactly one year from the day she started, Catherine released her CD, Paradise Swamp.

Since Catherine's release of Paradise Swamp in November of 2007, the accolades have continued streaming in. Because of her unique style and abilities as a musician, has been selected as a featured artist on a number of websites & radio shows such as Randy Allar's, The Fusion Show, and has been featured in 20th Century Guitar magazine and was "Musician of the Month" for and 

Although Catherine writes music in a number of different genres, her love for playing guitar and has evolved mainly into a unique style of progressive rock and fusion which is evident in many of her compositions. Catherine recently, however, due to the influences artists such as Andy McKee, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour and many others, has taken up fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing and is working on incorporating that into her some of her compositions and will be featuring some of these songs on an EP in the near future. For Catherine, music is an expression of emotion. "There are no preconceived ideas as to what the melody or song is supposed to sound like at the start. As I write, I'm taken on a journey and not knowing where I am going is exciting, adventurous, and pure enjoyment. No one else needs to hear it if you don't want them to. You are doing it for yourself. Live for the moment."

Currently, Catherine is working on releasing some solo acoustic-guitar based original material and is spending much of her time supporting both her son, a passionate martial artist, and her daughter, an award-winning vocalist and musician as well! "The future, I find is exciting, not just to see my children excel in what they love, but to find a new avenue in acoustic fingerstyle guitar, that has motivated me to continue with what I love most, writing and sharing my music that I hope adds a little more pleasure in other people's lives." © 2018