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Samples from CD: Paradise Swamp (2007)
Track 4 - Paradise Swamp
Track 5 - Another Level
Track 6 - Catch Me

Electric/Acoustic guitars and keys: Catherine Delgadillo
Drums: Kevin Delgadillo
Bass: Bill Hare on tracks 4 & 6
Bass: Mark Hokenson on track 5

Samples of guest guitar work
Track 7 – Blondies Return
Written by Mindmovie (Achim Wierschem from Germany's progressive rock band, Flaming Bess)
I also play as guest guitarist, along with my friend Yves Sordage, on Mindmovie's solo CD: Ocean of Dreams. The track I play on is called Mekon Peppers. To hear this track, visit

Track 8 - Vie Nocturne
Written by Bobby Brewer from the Funkdawgs (considered to be the internet's first Jazz/Fusion band). Bobby and I both share guitar leads on this tune. To hear more from the Funkdawgs, visit © 2015